About The Farm
Why We Do It
Our farm creates an
environment that is stimulating,
healthy and fun, it also intends to
preserve our air, water and soil  
for the next generation. We are
a family that has been farming
for two generations, farming the
current farm for 15 years. We
have always focused on
growing food for ourselves first,
and for market, second. We
believe in a diversified
operation that incorporates as
many aspects of the process of
growing food and feeding
people as possible.
We are currently Certified
Organic by Oregon Tilth. Though
the certification standards set
by the USDA are unimpressive
to say the least it is something
that customers, who not yet
know us, recognize. Throughout
the years we have been
certified by various agencies,
and for periods, not been
certified at all. It is mainly a
marketing tool and not what we
consider a satisfactory measure
of quality. Biodynamics are also
part of our farming practices
and have been for many years.
We grow grains, hay, cows,
chickens, pigs, vegetables,
orchard crops, berries, herbs
and timber. Most of our animals'
 primarily purpose is fertility for
our row crops and berries,
though we also produce some
beef, pork and eggs.
As new members of the family
begin to manage more of the
farm's operations the farm
slowly morphs and evolves.
Recently, the sheep herd that
has been with the farm for over
20 years was moved on. But as
this takes place asparagus is
being planted into the field, a
whole new crop to the farm, as
well as the addition of a new
greenhouse in hopes to provide
food for more months of the
The farm has been known best
for it's blueberries for the past
15 years but recently has began
to offer more variety at the farm
stand, at farmers market and
through local retailers.
The farm will continue to change
 for years to come, with its main
purpose: to provide food for our
family, then to provide food for
the surrounding community, then
to the neighboring cities and
finally; to provide the kids and
adults of these communities a
connection, and  relationship
with their food supply.
A Tribute To
One of the

Douglass S. Moser, PhD
"No worky, no
Douglass Moser

Dr. Moser was
someone who
worked tirelessly
to create
beautiful and
productive for
everyone but
especially for the
next generation.
The Numbers
We have around 200 laying
hens and 8 ducks.

The farms crops are
irrigated by crisp, clean,
Cascade glacial McKenzie
River water We use six
separate irrigation systems
and move many of these
systems daily to deliver
that water.

We pick approximately 7
millions actual blueberries
every summer, By hand.

Our summer are usually not
quite as hot as in the valley
and our summer nights
tend to be bit more crisp.
This makes it a bit tougher
to grow true hot weather
crops but enables the mild
weather loving crops and
cool weather crops all to
grow well. Our farm,, being
in the cascade foothills
enjoys on average, 50
days more sun while still
receiving 20 more inches
of rain, how is that, you
ask? Very little fog.

We have a 5 teated cow.
McKenzie River Farm