Blueberries are ready at the farm stand for the 2014
season. We have picked available at $40/flat per 10lb
flat. And U-pick available at 2.75/lb
Lots of other great fruits and vegetables at the farm
stand as well. Carrots, cucumbers, fresh garlic,
broccoli, basil, beets, peaches and much, much more,
all grown here at the farm.
We hope to see you out at the farm soon.

Cool nights yet warm days are upon us. Our farm
stand is open and starting to fill more each week
with more spring crops.
Asparagus is one of our favorites and should
continue to be available until mid May. Beets and
spinach as well as salad mix, radishes and basil
are all beginning to come out of the fields.  
This time of year we set up our self serve checkout
at the farm stand, so if you come by when no one
is around just tally it up and leave the check or
cash in the cash box, if we're around we'll certainly
help you though.

We are out of Frozen blueberries and many of our
other frozen items for the year. We do still have
Blueberry nectar as well as a new blackberry
nectar.  Check out our dried blueberries as well.
We only have a limited supply so get them while
you can. You can also try our chocolate covered
McKenzie River Farm

Farm Stand
Stop by any time of year
to pick-up fresh fruits
and veggies,
honey, nuts and other
dried, preserved and
frozen goods.

Get em fresh or frozen
and at the farm stand.

Generally speaking
we're talking about
blueberries but we also
u-pick green beans, and
have an heirloom
pumpkins and winter
squash u-pick patch in
the fall with over 25
varieties of squash and
pumpkins. Not to
mention strawberries,
oops I guess I did
mention it.

Farmers Market
bringing you the
freshest vegetables
within a days harvest
time to a neighborhood
near you.

About The Farm
A commitment to
growing as much of our
own food for our family,
and providing the same
quality and variety we
require, to our friends
and neighbors.

Crop Share/CSA
We are offering our
Crop Share again this
year. This is where you
can get an assortment
of fresh vegetables from
the farm every week.
You can now purchase
this with EBT and you
can also now pickup
your share at our
Springfield drop site.

Have A Question?
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January King Cabbage
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Baby bok choi
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ingredients from the farm,
 and of course a beautiful
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